An Explanation Of the Zone 1 Video

This email was sent to all council members, city manager/staff
and some press contacts prior to the September 18th Council Hearing.
Please note the link to the video.



As we near the September 18th hearing date...

Please  allow   me   to   pass   along   some
information  that  has  helped  me  visualize issues that continue to
cause questions in my mind.

----I've made a video to help  me  with  this visualization process
regarding the  hillside properties of Zone  1  (Fitzgerald  subarea).
It's very simple in scope and I've tried  not to editorialize (although
that's not easy  in my position).

Please -
 YouTube Video

...and thanks for indulging my first video attempt.

In reviewing the Parametrix draft plat designs for

LID - R 5,400a Development Scenario NO LID provisions

AND - with LID provisions

In my email 9.6.07 conversation with Bruce Blackburn...
"Hi Bruce

If you would...

Can you point me to or  pass  along  the  lot coverage, the impervious
surface and the open space requirements for normal R5400A PUD."

And his reply...
"Hi Tom,

In response to your question,  the  city-wide provisions for R 5,400a
can  be  found  under BMC 12.14.030:

Lot Coverage - 35%  of  lot  -  This  is  the building  envelope  area
Impervious  surface coverage - No specific limitation other  than
preserving the front yard  setback  area  (20
feet)  as  pervious   surfaces   Open   space
requirements - 200 feet  of  recreation  area per dwelling unit (BMC

An interesting thing about non-single  family
residential  PUD's  (multi-family)  is   that
there  is   not   a   specific   open   space
requirement exclusively required by  the  PUD requirements of 12.30.

I hope this helps. Please let m know  if  you have any additional

See ya soon"

Thank you for your time. I hope that you find this helpful.


Tom and Susan Berry
23305 39th Ave S.E.
Bothell WA 98021

Created on ... September 24th, 2007