Responses To The September 18th Council Hearing

The following emails were created and sent immediately after the
council hearing.  These emails were to sent to all council members
and area newspapers plus city staff engineer Steve Morikawa.

Subject: Time For A Hard Re-look
Date: Tuesday, September 18, 2007 10:39 PM

Now that the council hearing on the 18th is over and 
we've had time to reflect...

The science being purported by the city hired consultant
is using data, wrapped in Monty Python-esgue terms like
"Really Big" and "Whole Bunch", to mislead the council
and citizen base, to make us believe that water flows
originating within the Critical Species Habitat are very
substantial.  Joshua Freed very wisely asked for 
definition and declaration as to the source and length
and origin of water-flow facts provided by the consultant,
to drill down on the data beyond the terms of "really
big amounts" of water in North Creek.  

This whole agenda, supposedly to simply save a salmon
run -- for a species that is currently being reported in the 
media as a thriving salmon run -- in the global sense, is becoming 
tantamount to a blatant scam.  It's beginning to become
apparent that citizens need to open their eyes and see
the forest for the trees.  Some council members are being
blind to North Creek stream changes and are too focused
on old agenda status.  The old surveys that concluded
.9 miles of one side of North Creek as being high in rank and value
should be revisited.  Otherwise the citizens of Bothell are
potentially being cheated.

I was truly ready to simply give up the quest after tonight's
council hearing because I was being lead to believe that we
were on the verge of getting a decision that would give the
hillside property owners the possibility of being able to move
on with their lives.  But once again it appears that I'm being 
mislead, am dead tired after all these years, disheartened, 
but cannot lay down when it becomes more and more apparent 
that something is potentially really rotten in the process.  

Kudos to the mayor and council person Freed for their 
consistent quest for the truth.  I am disgusted and truly am
unsure of where to turn at this point.

In the world of science little is written in stone and all is subject
to peer review, continually.  Therefore I refuse to acknowledge
decisions made in the past as set in stone, as being unquestionably
correct.  Bothell is worth far more than these static levels of 


Tom and Susan Berry
23305 39th Ave S.E.
Bothell WA 98021


Subject: The Bothell Connector Project Scope
Date: Thursday, September 20, 2007 10:56 AM

Hi Steve

It is apparent that the city council is not fully aware
of the implications involved in not being able to deal
with the properties in Zone 1, Fitzgerald subarea, the
hillside properties, as a PUD -- impacted by the Bothell 
Connector project.  One of the property owners is opting,
already, to pull all or the majority of their property off the
market indefinitely and the Phillips and the Berrys 
(Susan and I) are strongly considering doing the same
thing.  We are considering this because of the current
direction of the city council proceedings (especially
those of last Tuesday night) and because of what we are 
currently being told by developers.

As you know, if the city has to deal with the property owners
individually, in lieu of having one developer in charge of the
hillside properties -intact, each property will need a 60 foot
easement, for future development considerations, and a gentle
sloping access from the curb cut.  This would amount to a
considerable added expense for developing the Bothell Connector
arterial and for safety considerations, a turning lane as 

Thank you Steve and I hope that you are able to make this
information evident to the appropriate individuals.


Tom Berry
23305 39th Ave S.E.
Bothell WA 98021

Created on ... September 24th, 2007